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National Fireproofing Contractors Association
National Fireproofing Contractors Association
National Fireproofing Contractors Association
National Fireproofing Contractors Association
National Fireproofing Contractors Association

Looking for a NFCA Accredited Contractor? The NFCA represents contractors who install passive fireproofing products to protect building structural materials from fire, as required by building codes, and the manufacturers and associates who provide those products.



The NFCA represents contractors and manufacturers who install or provide passive fire protection for structures as required by building codes for the preservation of life safety. Member contractors install sprayed fireproofing, intumescent coatings and fireproofing board products. Contractors are approved to install these materials by fireproofing product manufacturers and some are covered by the UL Qualified Contractor Program.

The NFCA works to improve the proper use and application of industry products through development of standard practices and educational programs for both product users and members.


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April 28 - Welcome Hoyer-Warner

Hoyer-Warner, Bensenville, IL is NFCA's newest Associate Member.

April 26 - NFCA's work at the ICC's Code Development Hearings in Louisville, KY, for the 2018 edition of the International Fire Code went well. The Fire Code Committee gave some great pointers on how to public comment NFCA's proposalto identify the fireproofing installed in buildings. Look for NFCA's Code Committee to get involved on this one and submit a comment in late July.  Join NFCA now to be part of the action!.

April 21 - NFCA Welcomes Southern Insulation, Inc., Hyattsville, MD as a NFCA Contractor Member.  NFCA Members make NFCA happen!

April 15 - NFCA's Dallas Educational Conference Presentations have been posted to the Members Only Section at  Members, check them out now.  Not a member? Contact to join today and catch up on the knowledge.

April 8 - NFCA Fireproofing Week in Dallas - Thank you to everyone who attended the 2016 NFCA Fireproofing Conference!

Over 70% of NFCA Contractor Membership, along with Manufacturer Suppliers and Associate NFCA Members, gathered for a great week in Dallas!  Go to News/Events page to read all about it. 

March 28 - NFCA Welcomes

Firespray Insulation LTD, Scarborough, ON

T.F. Nugent Inc., New York, NY

as NFCA Contractor Members

March 23 - NFCA Welcomes New Members!

Quickspray, Inc., Port Clinton, OH, as a NFCA Associate Member

Spray-On Foam & Coatings Inc, Brush Prairie, WA, as a NFCA Contractor Member

March 22 - NFCA Welcomes Ener-Spray Commerical Contracting, Rocky View, AB and Ener-Spray Pacific, Port Coquitlam, BC, as NFCA Contractor Members.

March 15 - NFCA Welcomes Cornerstone Coatings, Commerce City, CO, as a NFCA Interim Contractor Member.

March 14 - NFCA Welcomes Dyer Insulations Inc., Rockaway, NJ, as a NFCA Contractor Member.

March 3 - NFCA Welcomes Island Diversified, Calverton, NY, as a NFCA Contractor Member.

March 1 - NFCA Welcomes M.L. McDonald Sales Company LLC, Watertown, MA, as a NFCA Contractor Member.

February 26 - Webinar - NFCA Conference Highlights

Join Bill McHugh, NFCA Executive Director, at 11:00 am CST, as he discusses the upcoming 2016 NFCA Fireproofing Conference to be held April 6-8, 2016 at The Adophus, Dallas, TX.

February 25 - Welcome!  New NFCA Contractor Members

Commercial Fireproofing & Insulation, Dallas, TX

Performance Contractor Inc. Seattle Interior

Portland Interior

Los Angeles Interior

Superior Industrial Insulation Co., Cleveland, OH

February 19 - Upstate Specialty Coatings, LLC.

NFCA Welcomes new contractor member Upstate Specialty Coatings, LLC, Rochester, NY

February 12 - Congratulations Nathan Kimmel Company

Nathan Kimmel Company is celebrating 60 Years of Dependable Service.  NFCA celebrates Nathan Kimmel Company for their support and dedication to NFCA and the Fireproofing Industry.  Nathan Kimmel Company has been a NFCA since 2009.

February 10 - EdanShield Construction Inc.

NFCA Welcomes new contractor member EdanShield Construction of Bradford, Ontario, Canada. 

February 4 - Grace's Construction Products

and Darex Packaging Technologies join together to form a publicly traded company called GCP Applied Technologies Inc., which is completely independent of W.R. Grace & Co.  For complete information go to

February 3 - UL's Communication clears up a lot.

Look for more on this key issue shortly. Proper Application of Steel Beam Load Restriction Factors to UL Designs

February 1 - Welcome NFCA Contractor Member

The Harver Company, Lake Oswego,OR. Now is a great time to join and support your fireproofing industry!

January 19 - Welcome New Contractor Member

K Building Specialties Inc., North Kansas City, MO. This brings NFCA Membership to 50 Contractors, 10 Contractor Branch Locations, 13 Associate Members and 4 Manufacturer Supplier Members, totalling 77!

January 1 - Happy New Year!

Time to renew your NFCA Membership!  Not a Member? Time to join! 

December 30 - NFCA Membership Continues to Grow

NFCA Welcomes new Associate Member Hardline Services, Fullerton, CA.

December 30 - UL Communication -

Proper Application of Steel Beam Load Restriction Factors to UL Designs

December 18 - NFCA Year End Webinar - Bill McHugh, NFCA Executive Director will share an overview of NFCA's ...

December 17 - ICC's Board of Directors annouced a process to finalize the Public Comment Hearing votes. Visit ICC's Code Development Website for details.

December 1 - Help fill the need and GIVE this Holiday Season!

Visit Toys for Tots to donate toys and/or money and help brighten someone's Holiday Season in your local community.

Happy Holidays from NFCA!

November 10 - Passive Fire Protection Seminar, Tarrytown, NY

NFCA hosted 56 Architects, Specifiers, Building Code Officials, Fire Marshals and Fireproofing Contractors at the Passive Fire Protection Seminar in Tarrytown.  The program was very well received.

November 6 - NFCA Continues to Grow!

Welcome New Contractor Member F. J. Construction, Mississauga, Ontario. 

November 1 - Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing

NFCA Welcomes Alpha Insulation & Waterproofing, Round Rock, TX, as a NFCA Contractor Member, AND Alpha Insuluation & Waterproofing, Marietta, GA, as a NFCA Contractor Branch Member.

October 15 - NFCA Monitoring Structural Load Calculation Methods - NFCA is monitoring the emerging issue of structural steel load calculation methodologies and the effect on selection of appropriate UL Designs.  Please see this article from the American Institute of Steel Construction for more information.

October 8 - NFCA Webinar: "SAFETY" for Fireproofing Contractors

Frank Marino, CSP, Vice President of Safety Check, Inc., discusses current views from OSHA and OHSA Can, fireproofing scaffold safety, fall protection and more. This presentation is available in the "Members Only" section.

September 23 - NFCA Board of Directors in Chicago

NFCA's Board of Directors met in Chicago for their bi-annual meeting to discuss industry needs, NFCA prioities and actions for the new year.

August 11 - NFCA Webinar Fireproofing Special Inspections & Contractor Compliance

Bill McHugh, NFCA Executive Director, reviewed important changes and information for fireproofing contractors from the IBC 2009, 2012, 2015 Chapter 17 Special Inspections.  This presentation is available in the "Members Only" section.

July 29 - Donalco Western Inc.

NFCA Welcomes Donalco Western Inc.'s Calgary and Edmonton locations as NFCA Contractor Branch Members.  Donalco, Inc., Toronto has been a NFCA Contractor Member since 2004. 


NFCA Welcomes WESTERN INDUSTRIAL SERVICES LTD., Winnipeg, MB, as a NFCA Contractor Member.

July 14 - NDI Construction, Memphis, TN

NDI Construction, Memphis, TN is the newest NFCA Contractor Member, investing in the fireproofing industry!

July 10 - Welcome Versatile Coatings, Inc., Azusa, CA

NFCA welcomes Versatile Coatings, Inc., Azusa, CA as a NFCA Contractor Member.

June 29 - NFCA Membership Continues to Grow

NFCA Welcomes new Associate Member PDQuipment, Oregon City, OR.

June 24 - Welcome New NFCA Assoicate Member

The Donnelly Co., Inc., Victor, NY. Go to The Donnelly Co. NFCA Member Lisitng to learn what they have to offer!

June 23 - NFCA Contractor Accreditation Program Welcomes

ADLER Fireproofing, Edmonton, AB. ADLER is the eighth NFCA Contractor Member to become accredited in 2015.

June 22 - NFCA Associate Member Graco Inc.

Acquires Machine Technologies and will add their pumps and mixers to the product portfolio of Graco's Applied Fluid Technologies Division.

June 15 - NFCA Welcomes New Contractor Member

Sobie Company, Inc., Caledonia, MI.

June 10 - NFCA Webinar - Equipment Maintenance

NFCA thanks NFCA Member LK Knott, Hy-Flex Corp. Technical Services for a informative and well recieved seminar on fireproofing equipment maintenance and safety.  This presentation is available in the "Members Only" section. 

May 19 - Watch for NFCA Webinars coming soon!

One hour educational sessions on indsutry topics such as equipment maintenance, code changes, SFRM & IFRM products and inspections.  The first webinar will be held June 10, 2015.  Watch for registration and webinar details to come!

May 7, 2015 - NFCA Welcomes

Advanced Fireproofing & Insulation Co., Spokane Valley, WA, as the newest NFCA SFRM & IFRM Accredited Contractor.

April 30 - NFCA CAP Continues to grow! Congratulations

Bradshaw and Associates, Inc., Anchorage, AK and

Western Partitions, Inc., Tigard, OR

on your IFRM and SFRM Contractor Accreditations

April 20 - NFCA Welcomes New Contractor Member

Safway Services, LLC, Nashville, TN

April 16 - NFCA Welcomes New Contractor Member

ALLTRIN Limited, St. James, Trinidad

April 15 - Congratulations to the following NFCA Accredited Contractors, for achieving NFCA Accreditation -

Donalco Inc., Toronto, Ontario,

NFCA IFRM and SFRM Accredited Contractor

Gunnlaugson Spray-On (2010) Ltd., Winnipeg, Manitoba,

NFCA IFRM and SFRM Accredited Contractor

Long Painting Company, Kent, WA,

NFCA IFRM Accredited Contractor

April 9 - NFCA Fireproofing Educational Conference - The sun was shining on the Fireproofing Industry all week long!  Go to News/Events to read all about it. All conference presentations are available in the Members Only Section.

April 1 - The number of NFCA Accredited Contractors continues to grow!  Congratulations to Fireproofing Pros, Inc., Richmond, VA and Fred Shearer & Sons, Inc., Beaverton, OR, both NFCA Contractor Members who have earned the NFCA SFRM and IFRM Accreditation.

March 11-13, 2015 -

NFCA Fireproofing Educational Conference & Annual Meeting

March 5 - Welcome New NFCA Assoicate Member

Western Equipment Manufacturer, Corona, CA

February 12 - Welcome New NFCA Associate Member

Graco Inc., Minneapolis, MN

February 5 - Welcome New NFCA Contractor Members

Adler Fireproofing, Edmonton AB

Advanced Fireproofing & Insulation, Spokane Valley, WA

BEK of Alaska, Anchorage, AK

Schmitt Contracting Inc.

January 28 - Welcome New NFCA Members

John C. Lowery, Inc., Freeville, NY

Oak Creek Consolidated / Oak Creek Industrial, Frankfort, IL

January 14 - Welcome New NFCA Supplier Member


January 8 - Welcome New NFCA Contractor Member

Long Painting Company, Kent, WA

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