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NFCA SFRM/IFRM Fireproofing Inspector Education Program



Fireproofing inspectors need to know fireproofing to best inspect this important fire and life safety item. NFCA's Handbook of Accepted Fireproofing Knowledge provides a study resource and fireproofing industry information gathered from industry experts. Want to take the NFCA SFRM and/or IFRM Fireproofing Education & Exams? Check out NFCA's Events page now.

The International Building Code's (IBC) Chapter 17, Special Inspections, states the Special Inspection Agency and Special Inspector need to be approved by the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), usually the Code Official.

The IBC states the Special Inspection Agency must be independent, have experience, competent personnel, and equipment to conduct the inspections.  

The Special Inspector, employed by the Special Inspection Agency, must also prove competence. The Fireproofing Special Inspector must also have experience in the same type and complexity of materials inspected to obtain AHJ approval in each jurisdiction. The proof for competency for the Special Inspector to show the Code Official is education and passing an exam from sources such as NFCA.

[NOTE: Acceptance of the NFCA Fireproofing Exam is up to the AHJ in each jurisdiction.]

The NFCA's Education Program for the NFCA Fireproofing Exams prepares Fireproofing Inspectors for their industry role.  The Fireproofing Inspector learns about Spray Fire Resistive Materials (SFRM) and Intumescent Fire Resistive Materials (IFRM) and much more at this class. 

NFCA's Fireproofng Education Program covers:

- Tested and listed system selection and analysis

- UL Fire-Resistance Directory's Guide Information at UL’s Product iQ

- IBC Code compliance

- Beam Substitution Procedures

- Thickness adjustment Procedures

- Surface Preparation - Priming requirements

- Inspection

- NFCA Standards

- ASTM Standards relevant to fireproofing

- International Building Code requirements for fireproofing.

- Specific types of Inspection Testing required by ASTM E605, E736 Standards and Chapter 17 of the IBC. 

- Frequency of testing

- Specific Test Procedures

- Procedures for reporting results

The program is detailed in its content preparing candidates for the NFCA SFRM and or IFRM Fireproofing Exams. 

NFCA's Handbook of Accepted Fireproofing Knowledge and Education for the NFCA SFRM and or IFRM Fireproofing Exams provides key elements to know in the fireproofing industry inspecting in accordance with the IBC's Chapter 17 requirements.

Want to prove competency? Buy the NFCA Handbook of Accepted Fireproofing Knowledge, take the NFCA Education for the NFCA SFRM and IFRM Fireproofing Exams.