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IAS AC 291 Accredited Fireproofing Special Inspection Agencies


Fireproofing Special Inspection is the way building code officials (AHJ-Authority Having Jurisdiction) in some worldwide jurisdictions transfer the inspection of certain construction disciplines to another, 3rd party, independent entity. The International Building Code requires that the inspection agency entity (C-Corporation, LLC, S-Corporation, LLP, etc.) have experience, equipment and competent inspectors. The Authority Having Jurisdiction needs to have proof that the Fireproofing Inspection Agency has experience, equipment, and personnel able to provide inspection.

There are Management System based programs - International Accreditation Services (IAS) Accreditation Criteria (AC) 291 (IAS-AC 291)- that provide a quantifyable way to prove fireproofing inspection agency competence.

NFCA Member IAS AC 291 Accredited Fireproofing Inspection Agencies are highlighted in the NFCA Inspection Member List.

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