Geopolymer Solutions LLC

Member Since December 14, 2017
Contacts: Rod Zubrod, 281-419-1866
Address: 11200 Cox Road Unit A1
Conroe, TX 77385
Phone: 281-419-1866
Geopolymer Solutions LLC is a worldwide provider of Geopolymer Cementitious Spray Applied Fireproofing. Geopolymer Solutions's Cold Fusion Concrete (CFC) FP250 Series Spray Applied Fireproofing is for use in commercial and industrial applications where extreme durability and chemical resistance is desired. The fiber combined with a compressive strength over 3 to 5 times that observed in any other spray applied fireproofing materials produces the toughest fireproofing layer available. FP250 contains no Portland Cement and accordingly, has none of the weaknesses of conventional fireproofing including an elevated resistance to acids, solvents, chlorides and sulfates without sealing. Due to the reduced permeability of FP250, harsh environmental conditions including extreme heat and cold, and sea water spray have no deleterious effect. It achieves physical cure very quickly, enough for code required 3rd party inspections the next day. Within 2-4 days, the CFC FP250 chemically converts all water added for application into a completely different constituent. Therefore, there is essentially no water in our material, one of the reasons why it does not shrink or crack and why it performs so well at extremely cold and hot temperatures. It bonds to bare steel at the molecular level so primer or lath is never needed, even for marine or petrochemical environments and it is eco-friendly, made with 80-90% recycled materials, great for LEED projects!