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SFRM & Intumescent Inspector Training and ICC Certification

NFCA SFRM/Intumescent Inspector Training Program

The NFCA provides on this web site a free training program for special inspectors who desire to learn proper inspection and test procedures for the inspection of SFRM and Intumescent materials applied to structural steel members. The NFCA program covers the area of International Building Code (IBC) requirements, inspection and testing procedures and reporting results for both SFRM and intumescent products. This training program covers the specific types of testing required by code, the frequency of testing, the specific test procedures and the procedures for reporting the results. The program is detailed in its content so that it can provide proper training to assist your efforts in becoming an ICC Certified SFRM/Intumescent Inspector. The ICC Certified Inspector program is covered below. This program also can be used to refresh your knowledge level in the inspection process and to help ensure that you are conducting the inspection and testing in a proper manner.

Program Instructions

The Inspector Training Program is a video program which requires that you have software on your computer that can play flash videos. If you do not have such a program, contact the following Adobe site to secure a flash video program.

The program allows you to step through each picture manually by clicking the advance button on the video screen. This provides you time to understand and absorb the materials. You can stop the program at anytime and then return to the program when it is a more convenient time for learning. The total training program will take approximately 1 to 1-1/2 hours to complete.

  • To start the program click on, NFCA Inspector Training Program
  • At the bottom of the first slide is a control bar. Expand the bar by clicking on the right arrow. Double click the large arrow to hear the slide narration.
  • To advance to the next slide, click on the large right arrow on the left side of the control bar . Double click the large arrow to hear the slide narration. Follow this procedure for each succeeding slide.
  • To print the slide page, right click your mouse and a drop down screen will appear containing a print button. Double click the print button to print the slide.

Should you have questions or comments, please use the e-mail link on this site and send it to the NFCA.

International Code Council Special SFRM & Intumescent Inspector Certification

The International Code Council has maintained a certification for SFRM & Intumescent Special Inspectors for a number of years. Recently, the NFCA and ICC announced the co-sponsor of this program and its expansion across the United States in a Press Release. The ICC through its International Building Code mandates in Section 109.3.9 of the 2006 code, that applications will be inspected after application in accordance with requirements in Chapter 17 of the code. For a number of years the ICC has had a program of certifying special inspectors based on passing a knowledge test with a score of 70% or higher. Most of these special inspection certifications occurred on the West coast. The goal of the co-sponsor agreement is to expand the inspector training and the ICC certification to all parts of the United States to help ensure qualified inspectors are available in all geographical areas.

To become a ICC certified SFRM inspector visit the ICC and learn about the program, its cost, and certification procedures.